EUDN Activities

Forthcoming Events


EUDN has started a number of concrete activities:

  1. Activity aiming at creating exchange of ideas between academics and researchers working on development issues, on the one hand, and policy makers, on the other hand with a view to increasing the impact of the research community on policy making and development cooperation in Europe.

  2. Activities aiming at reinforcing links between academics and researchers working on development issues in Europe with a view to strengthening European research capacity in the field of development studies, in general, and of development economics, in particular.

  3. Activities aiming at training young reseachers in development economics through PhD school or workshop, and exchanges of PhD students and Post-Docs among European Institutions and between European and developping countries institutions.

Annual AfD - EUDN Conference

On this occasion, around 700 academics and development practitioners from both the North and the South gather to exchange views. The conference is aimed at promoting a constructive dialogue between academic research and operational expertise in order to explore lessons and perspectives for ODA policies.

Annual two-day Scientific EUDN Conference

This is conceived as a restricted meeting in the cause of which members of EUDN present their recent papers to each other.

EUDN PhD Workshop, Seminar and Summer School

EUDN PhD Seminar

Workshop for doctoral students in development economics

Summer School